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Their's is a history which will not be ignored by the world, no matter how much they want to ignore it. The algonquian indians, especially the algonquin indian tribe, have greatly fascinated non indians for centuries. Early on, the whites recognized a relationship existed between the algonquians and the semitic peoples who lived around the Mediterranean Sea. What many people do not realize is that there is an historical record (the story of atlantis) which has influenced the whites to look upon the algonquin indians as being a direct link to atlantis.

Once the whites invaded the Saint Lawrence River region, the native Algonquin Indians (there are really five tribes which make up the algonquin indians and they are the Chippewa's, Diasporas - i won't use Cree because Cree is a derogatory name given to the Anishinabe people who went on diasporas by the whites who obviously thought the Chippewa word for woman which is "kwe", looked and sounded like the "que" sound in the english word queen - kwe sounds like kway, Ottawa's, the Potawatomi and the Algonquin's of course), quickly responded by launching war campaigns against them. They knew from prophecy what to expect. Anyway, the whites eventually defeated them, but the Algonquin Indians have remained the most hostile towards the whites. They do not recognize any treaty in which they ended wars they were fighting against the whites, and ceded their lands to the whites.

Though they were once accustomed to civilized life, the algonquian tribe of people were not civilized when their white brethren invaded. They lived in homes which were described as being simple wigwums, which were made out of simple planks of birch, with a hole on the top of the wigwum to let the smoke out. They simply cut strips of birch then peeled them from the trees, then went about constructing their homes, which could easily be disassembled in order to move to another location when the need called for it. They also used the surrounding trees and their sap, to build their canoes. Their clothing was made from the skins of the animals they hunted. They were very fond of wearing turbans and as we know from an early age, smoking tobacco.

After the algonquin anishinabek became aware of the seven fires prophecy about 1,000 years ago, they followed their instinct and ordered large numbers of their settlers (the Chippewa's who are the Military and Police Totem) to invade the western portion of north america. Thus, the reason why there are algonquian indians living from South America, Mexico, and California, up to Alaska and beyond. However, they first had to forcefully subjugate the native tribes of the western portion of north america and South America, before they could colonize that region. Their descendants are still living from South America to Alaska, but they have been forced by the whites to lose their anishinabe identity.

Below are links to the tribes who are the algonquian indians, and their history, as well as links to algonquin (they are Anishinabek) indians historical past and language.

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