Ojibway Tribes

Abenaki Indians

Arapaho Indians

Blackfoot Indians

Cheyenne Indians

Cree Indians

Illini Indians

Kickapoo Indians

Lenni Lenape Indians

Mahican Indians

Maliseet Indians

Massachusett Indians

Menominee Indians

Miami Indians

Micmac Indians

Mohegan Indians

Mohican Indians

Montauk Indians

Munsee Indians

Nanticoke Indians

Narragansett Indians

Nipmuck Indians

Ottawa Indians

Passamaquoddy Indians

Pennacook Indians

Penobscot Indians

Pequot Indians

Piscataway Indians

Pocumtuck Indians

Potawatomi Indians

Powhatan Indians

Sac Indians

Salishan Indians

Shawnee Indians

Unalatchtigo Indians

Unami Indians

Wakashan Indians

Wampanoag Indians

Wappingers Indians

Wappo Indians

Wiyot Indians

Yuki Indians

Yurok Indians

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