Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Algonquin Indian Tribe

Ontario's and Quebec's Algonquin Indian Tribe, are the eastern most located of the native Anishinabek, and live today mostly in Quebec, but a few are living in extreme eastern Ontario, near the Quebec border. Some of the Reserves of the Algonquin or the Algonkin Anishinabek, and areas of the non status Algonquin, are located in areas where few whites live, which means they live in areas which offer them the opportunity to exploit the surrounding land which has not been developed by the English and French whites. Many Algonquin or Algonkin people, originally lived in New York State. West of the Adirondack Mountains and from just south and west of Albany, to Oswego.

According to the first whites to visit the region between Montreal and Quebec City in the early 16th century, a non Algonquian Tribe lived there. The French and Dutch invaded the region between Quebec City and Albany, New York between 1520 and 1540. They formed an alliance with the non Algonquin Tribe historians claim were the Iroquois. After the Chippewa's of the Alberta, Montana, and Wyoming region learned about the long awaited white invasion, they sent 10,000s of their soldiers east. They reached the Great Lakes and forced their way through the passage where the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is located and then east of the Great Lakes where they joined forces with the Algonquin Tribe. They then launched a military campaign against the white invaders (the French and Dutch) and drove them out of the region between Quebec City and Albany, New York. They also drove the Indian allies of the whites to the south.

In the 1600s, after the whites invaded again in the very early 17th century, they were constantly at war against the whites and their Indian allies and were incapable of defeating them. The Algonquin were driven north and west. By the late 17th century, the Algonquin and the western Chippewa's, had become well organized, and initiated military campaigns against the white invaders.

By 1700, they had stopped the advance of the white confederation. The Algonquin returned to their original homeland and still live there. Today, the Algonquin may be the most hostile of the Anishinabe people towards the whites. Most do not recognize their ancestors ever signing treaties which ended any war they were fighting against the whites, ceded any of their land to the whites, and still continue to claim large areas of land in canada as being theirs.

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