Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Delaware Indians

They are actually Ojibway Indians who originally lived west, before whites invaded. According to 19th century Ojibway authors, Ojibway People forced their way east from a western location. Those Ojibway's are Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians. Lenni Lenape is sneaky. Ojibway People named themselves A-nish-shi-ni-ni and A-nish-shi-na-be. You noticed a ni-ni and na-be. Both mean man in Ojibway. However, ni-ni actually means man and na-be means male in Ojibway. So Len-ni and na-pe are, in fact, confusing. Both mean man which you should now know. Sometime in a distant past, they took to using Lenni Lenape which, if same holds true in regular Ojibway, means man and male. A book written before 1832 and released in 1832 titled "The Edinburgh Encyclopedia," clearly states "Lenni Lenape along with Assiniboine" (it's author classified them as Iroquois but today they are classified as Nakoda), forced their way east from western locations, near Missouri River. That author wrote that Iroquois (Assiniboine) joined in a eastward migration with Ojibway's but kept north. They (Assiniboine) are also known as Seneca. Seneca is an Ojibway word which means "it has stones." Correct Ojibway pronunciation for Seneca is "As-sin-i-ca." They (Assiniboine and Assinica) are really Ojibway's who absorbed many non Algonquin's. Click here to read 1832s Edinburgh Encyclopedia. It's those southern Ojibway's (south of those northern Ojibway's or Assinibwan which means Rocky Ojibwa's) who are Lenni Lenape.

Author of 1832s Edinburgh Encyclopedia, also knew that after reaching east of them Great Lakes, a large force of Lenni Lenape were instructed to force their way northwest to Hudson Bays southern shores. It probably happened sometime in 17th century after whites commenced to sail into Hudson Bay on a frequent basis. From Hudson Bay, Chippewa's or Chipewyan, forced their way northwest and invaded what is now northern Manitoba, northern Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories. They also forced their way to Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. They drove back Asian invaders who were brought to Alaska and extreme northern Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut by whites. Those Asians were Aleut and Eskimo. They were not Gwich'in.

These Ojibway forced migrations east, commenced in early 16th century, after they learned that a long awaited white invasion had commenced. Any tribes who protested were eliminated or forced to get out of their way. Ojibway leaders were motivated by Seven Fires Prophecy. Author of Edinburgh Encyclopedia, wrote that whites thought Algonquians had recently invaded North America from Asia. He wrote of a possible language relationship between Mongol Tartars and Algonquians. It's actually vice-versa. Ojibway's invaded Asia and are Mongols or Tartars. Read Seven Fires Prophecy. They now have a Language Family known as Dene-Yeniseian. Of course, Dene are Athabascan People who include Apache, Chipewyan, Navajo and others. Yeniseian live in central Siberia and are probably related linguistically with Barushaski People of northern Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir, in India.

After reaching what are now New York and Quubec, in 16th century, these Ojibway's subjugated native Algonquians and non Algonquian Tribes. Many non Algonquian Tribes formed alliances with white invaders which enraged Ojibway's even more. From Quebec and New York, they forced their way south to Virginia and North Carolina. They are known as Lumbee and Powhatan in those locations. They absorbed native Indians and forced them to migrate west after whites defeated Ojibway's during their so called Revolutionary War. Many Ojibway's migrated even further south to Florida, then invaded Caribbean islands and northern South America.

By early 19th century, Delaware or Lenni Lenape including Mahican (included as Mahican are Stockbridge who were absorbed by Ojibway's and according to Ottawa author Andrew Blackbird, spoke a dialect of Ojibway), Munsee, and Nanticoke were living in Ohio Valley. They were under Ojibway protection but were prone to stay neutral and even side with white invaders. Before and after War of 1812, several Reservations were created for Lenni Lenape People, in Ohio and elsewhere. American leaders refused to honor treaties which created these Reservations which means these Reservations are still legitimate. Some Lenni Lenape People live in Ontario, Canada. Some live in Oklahoma. And out west in Colorado and Idaho, are groups of Delaware trying to gain federal recognition. They are really Ojibway's who absorbed many non Ojibway's long ago. I suspect they were living in what is now Kansas and Oklahoma, long before 1492 and possibly Louisiana and Texas.

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