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Innu Indians

They are really Anishinabe who are mainly descended from the Anishinabe military and police totem (the Chippewa's) but also include all other Anishinabe totems. They are considered by white historians to be Cree but the whites are obviously corrupting the Anishinabe people. After the white invasion occurred in the 16th century, these Anishinabe people who are really an off-shoot of the Chippewa's, forced their way to more northerly locations in Quebec, as instructed to by their ogimak (leaders) who were following the Seven Fires Prophecy. They paved the way for later Anishinabek to flee away from the whites. And they settled in Labrador, northern Quebec, and Greenland, where they are known as the Inuit and Innu. However, the Inuit people are not a distinct tribe. They are really Anishinabek who absorbed a great many non Algonquians amongst them. Inuit is derived from the Anishinabe word Innu of course. The Innu continue to live throughout their original homeland which is Labrador, Quebec, and Greenland.

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