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Kickapoo Indians

These Ojibway's that are known historically as Kickapoo Indians, are Swan Creek and Black River Chippewa's who are better known as Saginaw Chippewa's. Sac or Sauk is short for Saginaw. It's not known precisely what "Saginaw" means. However, in Ojibway Language "Sagi" means Mouth of a River or River Mouth. Adding an Ojibway "n" plural makes it "Sagin." To make it a locative they ad an "ong" to "Sagin." It's written as "Saginong." However, you don't pronounce that "n" in "ong." It's pronounced as "Sag-in-og." Translated it means "Rivers Mouth." It possibly refers to Saginaw River. It's mouth is located at Saginaw Bay in Michigan. Their original territory was located in extreme southern Ontario, between Lakes Ontario and St. Clair, southern Michigan and northwest Ohio. They were allied with Fox Indians who are not Algonquian. Fox Tribe may be Andrew Blackbird's tribe he named "Mushkodesh" in his 1887 book "History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan." Mushkodesh People lived in Michigan before Ojibway People did. Most became enemies of Ojibway's. However, many became allies of Ojibway's as we know. Kickapoo Indians are obviously from those Ojibway's that came up from a southwest location. 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia details two groups of Ojibway's forcing their way east, taking control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Oceans Coastline. We only need to follow evidence along a trail as told to do by prophecy. Kickapoo Ojibway's live from Durango, Mexico to Kansas. We know they came up from a southwest location. Though they now live in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico they continue to live in Michigan and Ontario. However, they are known as Saginaw and Swan Creek and Black River Chippewa's in those locations. Kickapoo Indians also live in Montana. Besides Kansas, Michigan and Oklahoma having a Swan Creek and Black River Chippewa population, so does Montana. They are not Federally recognized or State recognized at any of those States. Kickapoo Indians were leaders in wars against whites. During War of 1812, they fiercely fought their white enemies for control of Michigan and Ontario. Most battles of War of 1812, were fought in extreme southern Ontario. In 1836, they signed treaty with American's and became enraged after they found out American leaders lied to them.

In 1838, a massive migration of Ojibway's following prophecy commenced in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Most went southwest to Mexico. Many others went south to Florida, while many others went to Montana. American leaders did not want Ojibway's to leave their Reservations in Michigan and Ohio. However, American leaders would not follow treaty agreements. Today, Kickapoos have Reservations in Kansas, Oklahoma?, Texas and Mexico. They used to have large Reservations in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango and Sonora, Mexico they shared with other Indian Tribes and blacks. Today, they have only two small Reservations in Mexico. Their El Nacimiento de la Tribu Kikapu Reservation in Coahuila, Mexico has a population of several hundred. To their south is a black Reservation named Nacimiento de los Negros. In Sonora, they have a settlement or pueblo named "Tamichopa." It's near Bacerac, Mexico. Many Kickapoo Indians from Tamichopa moved up to Arizona and are now trying to gain State and Federal recognition. President Juarez was in some sort of alliance with these Ojibway's in mid 19th century. He set aside large areas of land in north Mexico for these Ojibway's and their Indian and black allies. In 1983, a new Kickapoo Indians Reservation was created in Texas. It's located 7.5 miles or 12.1 kilometers south of Eagle Pass, Texas. In Oklahoma, Kickapoo Indians don't have a Reservation. Instead, their former Reservation is now known as Kickapoo Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area of Oklahoma. It's located a few miles east of Oklahoma City. They have no Kickapoo Towns within KTJSA that i know of. Sac and Fox Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area of Oklahoma is adjacent to KTJSA on it's west.

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