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Menominee Indians

Ojibway's gave Menominee Indians their name which means "Wild Rice People" in Ojibway Language. In Ojibway Language, their word for Wild Rice is "Ma-no-min." They add an "i" vowel to this word, to make it mean "Wild Rice People." Thus, Ma-nom-min-i is how they pronounce it. Warren wrote in his 19th century book "O-mun-o-min-eeg." He also wrote "Minominies." He wrote them using a plural. He tried fooling you! It's not pronounced "O-mun-o-min-eeg." The "o" means "the" in Ojibway! It's correctly pronounced "Ma-nom-min-i." It means "Wild Rice People." Adding a "g" plural makes it "Ma-nom-min-iig." It means "Wild Rice Peoples." A "Wild Rice Person or Wild Ricer" is pronounced "Ma-no-mint." With a plural it's pronounced "Ma-no-min-tig." Their language has been corrupted. It is a dialect of Ojibway Language. Up until after War of 1812, Menominee Indians were a part of Ojibway Nation. They could not sign treaties without approval from Ojibway Nations Government which was their military and Police Totem or Noka or Maka Totem. If they were disobedient, they were brought back under Ojibway Nations control by use of force. Menominee Indians Reservation in Wisconsin, is Wisconsin's largest Ojibway Reservation. On May 12, 1854, Ojibway leaders in Montana signed treaty which created Menominee Reservation. It covers 353.9 sq. mi. or 916.6 sq. km. Adjacent to Menominee Reservation on it's south, is Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation which covers 72.0 sq. mi. or 186.5 sq. km. Both Munsee and Stockbridge People, are also Ojibway. Total size of this Reservation which is actually two, is 425.9 sq. mi. or 1,103.1 sq. km. Total on-Reservation population of Menominee Reservation and Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation, is 4,752. American leaders tried to Terminate Menominee Reservation in 1961. In 1973, American leaders again recognized Menominee Reservation and returned it to them. Today, Menominee Indians no longer know who they are. In fact, as a result of being defenseless, they are too scared to follow prophecy. So are Stockbridge and Munsee People, as are all other Ojibway People.

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