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Miami Indians

These Ojibway People known as Miami Indians, lived in what is now Indiana and Ohio. After hearing that those people mentioned in prophecy had invaded, Ojibway leaders responded by sending large numbers of their soldiers and their families east, from a west location and southwest location. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Oceans Coastline. Determining which group of Ojibway's Miami Indians came from is a bit difficult. However, since their territory was located south of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan we can be almost positive they were from those Ojibway's that came up from a southwest location. In Ojibway Language, Miami means "Peninsula." However, in Ojibway Dictionaries they use "Gi-ga-we-ka-mi-ga." Translated it means "There is a peninsula." They did not define what "Peninsula" means! Use an English Dictionary and you are quickly learned what "Peninsula" means. It means "Land Extending Out Into The Water." Warrens information is very helpful yet deceitful! Warren named them O-maum-eeg. Translated, Warren wrote it means "People who live on the Peninsula." He wrote it wrong or tried fooling you. It's correctly written using syllables this way: Ma-um-mi. Without a "G" plural! However, it's correct pronunciation is "My-ya-mi." To make it mean "Peninsula People," Ojibway's added an "i" vowel to "Ma-um-mi." They pronounce this way: Ma-um-mi-i." So "My-ya-mi-i" means "Peninsula People." Adding their "Animate Plural," it's pronounced "My-ya-mi-ig." Translated it means "Peninsula Peoples." A peninsular or person who lives on a peninsula is named "My-ya-mid." Of course, it means "Peninsular." And "My-ya-mid-ig" is it's plural. Ojibway People named Florida "My-ya-mi." It was more common to use "The Peninsula or O Ma-ya-mi." The Maya of Mexico are Ojibway. They live throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

These Ojibway People known as Miami Indians, are native to Florida. Today, they live just north of Lake Okeechobee and south of Lake Okeechobee which is not a lake. It's a fountain or spring. Okeechobee is an Ojibway word. Ojibway word for enormous, large and vast is ki-cha. It's not mit-cha. Ojibway word for great is ki-chi. There's a difference between "enourmous and great." They distinguished it by changing vowels. We have to use an "o" for "the." Correct pronunciation for "Enourmous Fountain and Spring" in Ojibway is O Ki-cha Bi. Translated it means Enormous Water. Ojibway word for water is "Ni-bi." According to Ojibway Dictionaries "A-Bo" is used in compositions to define liquid or water. If a word ends with a consonant they use "a-bo." If a word ends with a vowel they use "wa-bo." They did not use "bo" to define "water." They use "bi" as in "ni-bi." If a word ends in a consonant they use "a-bi." If a word ends in a vowel they use "bi." Thus, O Ki-cha Bi." It means "Enormous Water." If it was a lake they would use "O Ki-cha Ga-mi." It means "Enourmous Lake."

You already know about Juan Ponce De Leon and his search for a fountain in Florida. That fountain or spring, is Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee is Earth's largest fountain or spring and they are violating it. A vast river (fountains or springs always send their water up and out) once flowed from Lake Okeechobee south and southwest to Gulf of Mexico. South Florida is no longer tropical because whites are draining south Florida's wetlands. They have built many canals which has stopped Lake Okeechobee from sending it's water south and southwest. Lake Okeechobee River was once Earths most vast river. Since Lake Okeechobee is a fountain or spring, it could indicate it could find a way to continue it's natural path which is south and southwest. If (they already know) there is a vast underground reservoir of water feeding Lake Okeechobee, it must be tremendous. It may need south Florida's wetlands to regenerate it's fountain. They have to monitor Lake Okeechobee because it may quickly release incredible amounts of it's stored water. Instead of Lake Okeechobee's current size, it could flood all of south Florida. Lake Okeechobee is on average 9 feet deep. If it was really a lake it would have evaporated long ago. There must be locations under Lake Okeechobee feeding it vast amounts of water. What they are doing to Earths most vast fountain of water must stop. You don't destroy Earths most valuable features. You save them. Miami Indians are Ojibway. They spoke Ojibway which means they are Ojibway. They have several Reservations in Florida. They also live in Oklahoma.

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