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Mohegan Indians

They are really Ojibway's. According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, two large forces of Ojibway People forced their way east from a southwest location and west location. Mohegan Indians are from those Ojibway's that forced their way directly east, from a far west location. They are listed as being Pequot. There are three groups of eastern Ojibway People, using "Wolf" as their national name. One is Mahican and another is Mohican. Of course, Mohegan is another. In Ojibway Language, Mahican or Mohican, means "wolf." That may be incorrect however. Anything made by humans in Ojibway Language, tends to have "gan" as a last syllable. That includes domesticated animals. Mohegan means "dog" in Ojibway instead of "wolf." It's a degrading name. It's pronounced "Ma-i-gan or Mo-i-gan" in Ojibway Language. There is no "h" sound in Ojibway. Whites early on pronounced it using an "h." Exactly where along Atlantic Oceans Coastline they first reached, is a mystery. Europeans reported that Mohegan Indians lived in Connecticut. Since Mohegan Indians live in Connecticut, they are from Abenaki (aka Assiniboine) People. Translated, Abenaki either means "Abusers of Earth" or "Slavers of Earth." They were motivated to migrate east by prophecy. Those two groups of Ojibway's were named "Lenni-lenape" and "Iroquois." Lenni Lenape People came up from a southwest location, while Iroquois including Asseeneepoytuck or Assiniboine (aka Assinika), came directly east in a paralell line with Lenni-lenape's. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Ocean. Both groups of Ojibway's followed prophecy and knew they had to defend themselves. They were warned "Not To Trust Whites" because "Whites Will Be Deceitful." During those times Ojibway leaders took that extremely seriously.

They lived in what is now Alberta and Montana in 1492. During mid 16th century, chief Sagima or Ogima Sagima, led 10,000's of Ojibway Soldiers and their families from Manitolin Island, east and north. They settled along Ottawa River then forcefully settled along St. Lawrence River. They then expanded east to extreme east Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Other eastern Ojibway's listed as Abenaki include Androscoggin, Cowasuck, Kennebec, Mahican, Maliseet, Massachusett, Missiquoi, Mohican, Montauk, Narragansett, Nashua, Odanak (town place), Ossipee, Passamaquoddy, Pennacook, Penobscot, Pequot, Piskataqua, Shinnecock, Sokoki, Wampanoag, Winnipesaukee and Wolinak. These eastern most Ojibway's known as Mohegan Indians, fiercely defended Indian land against both whites and their Indian allies. They were constantly at war against invading whites and their Indian allies until shortly after War of 1812. They were extremely brutal to those non Algonquian Indian Nations that helped whites. They either exterminated them or brought them under their control. They forced them to follow prophecy and brought them to Carribean Islands, South America and Mexico including North Mexico which in early 19th century was located from Kansas to California. In United States, their descendants live primarily in California and Texas. Their language has been corrupted yet we know it's Ojibway. Most Mohegan Indians live in Canada yet many also live in New England. These Ojibway's known as Mohegan Indians, are a lost cause. They don't know who they are. They are completely brainwashed. It's not their fault.

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