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Nanticoke Indians

They are really Ojibway's. According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, two large forces of Ojibway People forced their way east from a southwest location and west location. Nanticoke Indians are from those Ojibway's that forced their way directly east, from a far southwest location. They were first to reach Atlantic Oceans Coastline. Thus, they are known as grandfathers by Ojibway People. Exactly where along Atlantic Oceans Coastline they first reached, is a mystery. Europeans reported that Nanticoke Indians lived in what are now Delaware and Maryland. They did not originally live in Labrador. They reached Delaware and Maryland possibly in early 16th century. They were motivated to migrate east by prophecy. Those two groups of Ojibway's were named "Lenni-lenape" and "Iroquois." They came up from a southwest location, while Iroquois including Asseeneepoytuck or Assiniboine (aka Assinika), came directly east in a paralell line with Lenni-lenape's. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Ocean. Both groups of Ojibway's followed prophecy and knew they had to defend themselves. They were warned "Not To Trust Whites" because "Whites Will Be Deceitful." During those times Ojibway leaders took that extremely seriously. Nanticoke Indians are also known as Delaware. In fact, they are better known as Delawares. It is thought that they received their name from Lord De La Warr who was an English Political leader. His name is Latin. In Latin "De La" means "of the." Translated, it possibly means "of the War" or "Lord of the War." They may have received their name from Italians who named them after an important leader of theirs or because they were "Leaders of the War" against invading Italians or Latins.

Vicious wars followed after these eastern Ojibway's reached Atlantic Oceans Coastline. They had to fight both Europeans and their Indian allies. Many Nanticoke Indians were sent south by Ojibway leaders to combat Latins from North Carolina to Florida. These southern Ojibway's are known as Shawnee. Other Lenni Lenape Indians besides Nanticoke Indians include Munsee, Pamlico, Piscataway, Powhatan and Shawnee, Unami, Unalatchtigo and Wappinger. They were constantly at war against invading whites and their Indian allies until shortly after War of 1812. During some point in these wars, many became disloyal and joined with whites to fight Ojibway People. Many became neutral as well. Their language is a dialect of Ojibway which has been accounted for by 19th century Ojibway and white authors. Their population is small and mostly located in United States. However, there is a small Nanticoke Indians population in Canada. Ojibway's allowed them to live at some of their Reserves. Friction between them was a problem. Even today at Chippewas of the Thames Reserve in Ontario, they are causing problems. Ojibway's in Kansas allowed them to live with them. On July 4, 1866 and July 19, 1866, Ojibway leaders of Kansas signed treaties in which they agreed to relocate to their Reservation in northeast Oklahoma. Ojibway People are native to Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. They were living there long before whites invaded. Thus, American leaders had to negotiate with Ojibway leaders. Most Nanticoke Indians live within CTJSA (Cherokee Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area) of Oklahoma which is really an Ojibway Reservation. It is not a Cherokee Reservation. They are not native to Oklahoma. Nanticoke Ojibway's are too scared to follow prophecy. Their weakness is promoted by their use of Delaware Nation to describe themselves. Indian population of CTJSA (Cherokee Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area) of Oklahoma is over 124,000. Nearly all are Ojibway. None of them identify as being Ojibway however. That's how scared they are of white terrorists.

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