Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Ottawa Indians

They are Chippewa and represent a major totem of the Chippewa people. They be the merchants of course. According to the Ottawa author Andrew Blackbird, the Ottawa's are really Chippewa's who absorbed many non Chippewa Indians into their population. In fact, the non Chippewa's were the most numerous. Blackbird's family was captured by the Chippewa's while the Chippewa's were on the warpath west of the Great Lakes. Blackbird's tribe was called the Underground People. They were possibly the Arikara, Hidatsa, and Mandan who lived in North Dakota and South Dakota. The Ottawa or Odawa totem members, lived in every village of the Chippewa's. On the other hand, the Ottawa Tribe lived primarily in Michigan. Smaller populations also lived in Ohio and Ontario. They are really Chippewa's who absorbed many non Chippewa's among their population. So are the Seneca Tribe who include the Cayuga, Oneida, and Onondaga. Seneca is a Chippewa word which means It is Stony. It is really pronounced As-sin-i-ca. Seneca People are actually the Assiniboine. The Assiniboine or As-sin-i-bwan, are Chippewa's who absorbed many non Chippewa's into their population. They originally lived near or in the Rocky Mountains. Today, the Ottawa Tribe has a population of near 15,000. Many (over 700) live in Oklahoma. According the Blackbird, the Chippewa's of Michigan were far more numerous than the Ottawa's but at a Wikipedia page they claim the Ottawa's made up two/thirds of the population of Chippewa's and Ottawa's in Michigan, in 1900. Blackbird wrote his population estimates just before 1887. These Chippewa's were extremely harsh with non Chippewa Tribes. Of course, they were motivated by the Seven Fires Prophecy. Another reason was the willingness of the Ottawa's to side with the whites.

To sum it up, there is no such tribe as the Ottawa's. The Ottawa's are a major totem of the Chippewa's. What is now thought to be an Ottawa Tribe, are actually Chippewa's who absorbed many non Chippewa's during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. They have 7 Reserves in Ontario including Beaverstone, M'chigeengh, Sheshegwaning, Walpole Island, Wikwemikong, and the two Zhiibaahaazing Reserves. They have 3 Reservations in Michigan including Grand Traverse, Little River, and Little Traverse Bay. In Kansas, they were forced to move to Oklahoma. They were Terminated in 1956 but regained federal recognition in 1979. They have no Reservation in Oklahoma. Their Kansas Reservations was illegally stolen. They are Blanchard's Fork and Roche De Boeuf. Their 6 Reservations in Ohio were also illegally stolen. They are the Auglaize, Blanchard's Fork, North Maumee River, Roche De Boeuf, South Maumee River, and Wolf Rapids Reservations. The Ottawa Language is the dialect spoken by the southeastern Chippewa's. It's up to the Chippewa's of Michigan and Ontario, if they want to recognize the Ottawa's as being non Chippewa. If they continue to recognize the Ottawa's as being non Chippewa, all contact with the Ottawa's must end.

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