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Ottawa Indians

These Odawah Ojibway's have caused Ojibway People much trouble. They are not a distinct tribe. There were 6 major totems within Ojibway Nation. Largest and most important was Ojibway Nations Military and Police Totem. Next in importance was their Odawah (Ottawa) Totem. They had tasks of trade including clothing, canoe making, crafts of all kinds including house construction. They were easily enticed to white trade posts to trade. It would lead to civil war among Ojibway People. Odawah Ojibway's were so eager to trade with whites, they eventually helped whites fight Ojibway People. They kept in close contact with white trade posts throughout Ojibway territory. They were far more prone to hunt and trap for wild game to trade with whites, instead of obeying Ojibway Totemic laws. Instead of staying within Ojibway villages doing what they were suppose to do, they moved about in search of wild game to kill, so they could trade their items at white trade posts. They were so eager to kill any wild game of value "The Beavers Died of Broken Hearts." Instead of heeding warnings, they left a location once abundant with beavers, for other locations that had an abundance of beavers and other wild game they could kill. Ojibway Traditionalists took it seriously! They were brutal to Odawah Ojibway's if they noticed their wild game was being depleted. They also were brutal to white traders that instigated these horrific crimes against wild game. Civil War's were frequent among Ojibway People as a result of whites using deceit to entice Ojibway's into clan disputes. They were warned by prophesy not to trust whites because they would fool them. These Odawah Ojibway's are nearly extinct. They once moved about as far west as Saskatchewan and possibly further west, in search of their next European item. They chose their own path and today but a few remain. They became selfish traitors that were easily fooled by whites who didn't care for them. At one time, they were near as numerous as Ojibway Nations Military and Police Totem. Today, you don't want to know about them. Their real descendents are few and found at every Ojibway Reservation and Reserve.

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