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Salishan Indians

About 1,000 years ago, an Anishinabe man or woman prophet, became widely known among the Anishinabek, and it eventually had an impact on the Salishan Indians and their history, of the Pacific Northwest. The prophet foretold of events which would occur in the future and among the Anishinabek, especially their leaders, including mide priest, the predictions were taken very seriously. They quickly followed the prophecy and sent their explorers westward in search of the turtle shaped island and the food that grew on water. They headed straight westward from the Great Lakes region, and discovered the Pacific Coast of Alaska, British Columbia, California, Oregon and Washington, and the Salishan Tribe.

They eventually invaded that entire region, subjugating the native tribes who, are today referred to as being Salishan Tribes. The Salishan tribal people are a mixture of Anishinabek and the native peoples who lived in that region before the Anishinabek invaded. They are considered to be related through language. They refer to the Algonquian-Salishan-Wakashan language relationship, as being the Algonquian-Wakashan language family. Not all Salishan Indians are considered to be partially Algonquian, but many are. I will first include the Salishan tribe who are obviously of Algonquian origins and Salishan as well. Then i will include the Salishan Tribes who are not Anishinabe. The Anishinabek at all the locations below of Algonquian origin, have been forced by the whites to lose their tribal identity.

Coeur d'Alene Tribe
They lived in extreme northern Idaho, eastern Washington, western Montana, and southern British Columbia. They were united in a confederacy. They have a reservation in northwestern Idaho that covers 524 sq. mi. and has a population of 6,551, which includes non indians. There are 2,000 enrolled tribal members. They were a warlike people who fought the invading whites.

Flathead Tribes
They lived from the western plains of Montana, to the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, and British Columbia. They were united in a confederacy. Today, they have a reservation in Montana that covers 1,939 sq. mi. and has a population of 26,172, but most people are non indians. About 9,200 of the Reservations people are Native American. Another 2,800 live off rez.

Kalispel Tribe
They lived from central Washington to western Montana. Today, they have a Reservation about 55 miles north of Spokane, which covers 4,894 acres and another 3,527 acres as tribal trust land. Their population is about 3,000.

Spokan Tribe
They lived from eastern Washington State, to western Montana. Their present Reservation is located in Washington State and borders the Colville Reservation. It covers 238 sq. mi. and has a population of 2,004. They were a warlike people who fought the invading whites.

Okanagan Tribe
They lived in extreme southern British Columbia and northern Washington State. They have a reserve in British Columbia, and some live on the Colville Reservation in Washington State. Colville Reservation covers 2,117 sq. mi. and has a population of 7,587, which includes non indians. The primary indian language of the Reservation is Okanagan.

Bella Coola Tribe
They lived in British Columbia, from the pacific coastline to central British Columbia. Today, they have several Reserves in British Columbia.

Comox Tribe
They live in British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island and just to the east on the mainland.

Squamish Tribe
They live in extreme southwestern British Columbia, near the large Canadian city of Vancouver.

Chehails Tribe
They live on mainland British Columbia. They have three Reserves in British Columbia. They also live in Washingtom State, just southwest of Seattle, to along the Pacific Coastline.

Cowlitz Tribe
They live in extreme southwestern Washington State, not too far from the Pacific Ocean.

Tillamook tribe
They lived in northwestern Oregon, southwestern Washington State, down to northern California, not to far from the Pacific. Today, they have a 6 sq. mi. Reservation (the Siletz Reservation) in Oregon. Their population is 4,287. They were a warlike people who fought the invading whites.

Pend d'Oreilles Tribe
They lived around lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho, as well as eastern Washington State, and parts of western Montana.

Nisqualli Tribe
They lived in Washington State, just south of the present day Seattle region. Their territory lay between Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound region. They were warlike. They have an 8 sq. mi. reservation in Washington State now.

Colville Tribes
They lived in Washington State, east of the present day Seattle region. They were united in a confederacy. They have a large Reservation in Washington State now.

Cowichan Tribes
They lived in British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. They were united in a confederacy. They have a several Reserves in British Columbia now.

Shuswap tribe They live in the interior of British Columbia and as far east as eastern British Columbia. They were allowed to settle within Kootenai land in eastern British Columbia and are partly Kootenai in that location.

Only Salishan

Lillooet tribe

Colville tribe

Lake tribe

Sanpoil tribe

Nespelem tribe

Methow tribe

Wenatchee tribe

Chelan tribe

Entiat tribe

Pentlatch tribe

Sechelt tribe

Nooksack tribe

Lushootseed tribe

Twana tribe

Lummi tribe

Songish tribe

Sooke tribe

Klallam tribe

Quinault tribe

Haida tribe

Tsimshian tribe

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