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Wampanoag Indians

They are really Ojibway. According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, two large forces of Ojibway People forced their way east from a southwest location and west location. Wampanoag Indians or Waam-pa-noag (as in Waam-pa-noke), are from those Ojibway's that forced their way directly east, from a far west location. They were motivated to migrate east by prophecy. Those two groups of Ojibway's were named "Lenni-lenape" and "Iroquois." Lenni-lenape are really Ojibway. If they spoke Ojibway, it means they are Ojibway. They came up from a southwest location, while Iroquois including Asseeneepoytuck or Assiniboine (aka Assinika), came directly east in a paralell line with Lenni-lenape's. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Ocean. Wampanoag People must be listed as Eastern Ojibway's or Abenaki. Defining what "Wampanoag" means is possible! Ojibway word for "conjuration, magic, sorcery, spell and witchcraft" is "Wabanowiwin." We have to use a past tense, plural and present tense so "Wa-baan" is their word for "conjure, magic, sorcery, spell and witch." So "Wampanoag" probably means "Conjure People or Witch People." In Ojibway it's pronounced "Wa-baan-no." It means "Conjure People or Witch People." It's plural is "Wa-baa-noag or Wa-baa-noke." It sounds almost identical to "Wampanoag." A "Conjure Person or Witch Person" is pronounced "Wa-baant" in Ojibway. It's plural is "Wa-baan-tig."

Both groups of Ojibway's followed prophecy and knew they had to defend themselves. Andrew Blackbird's 1887 book "History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan," is very important. He wrote about an Ojibway leader named Sa-gi-ma. In Ojibway, Sa-gi-ma means a person who is not a member of their "Medicine Totem or Midewiwin Society," yet knows medicines. It's to difficult to decipher. Chief Sagima or Ogima Sagima, led a large population of Ojibway's on an island in either Lake Michigan or Lake Huron. He tried to coerce natives of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, to join in an alliance. He went back to Montana then returned. He went to a Fox Village located in Michigans Lower Peninsula extreme northwest, to let them know of a battle Ojibway Soldiers had fought and how they lost many soldiers. After hearing Ogima Sagima's news, Fox Soldiers attacked him and his soldiers. This happened not long after whites invaded or in early or mid 16th century. Ogima Sagima was enraged. He raised up 1,000's of Ojibway Soldiers then they attacked a village of much importance to Fox People and destroyed it. From 40,000 to 50,000 Fox People were killed. This instigated those Ojibway's who had migrated east from a west location, to colonize Michigan. Ogima Sagima then sent Ojibway Soldiers east, north and south. They laid a path of destruction everywhere. Any Indian Tribes that were hostile towards Ojibway People, were either exterminated or driven off. Ojibway Soldiers had forced their way to Atlantic Oceans Coastline, to prepare to fight invading whites.

They settled in Massachusetts in late 16th century and sent Ojibway Soldiers and their families further south. Wampanoag Indians are native to Massachusetts, as well as Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. However, they were most numerous in Massachusetts. Those Indian Tribes native to that region who remained neutral or joined Ojibway's in an alliance, were left alone. Italians were first to reach North America's northeast coast. They followed an old Viking Maps directions to that location. Next were Dutch and French. These early white explorers reported a non Algonquian People living in that region in early 16th century. When they returned around 1600, they found Ojibway People living throughout that entire region. Whites were in a confederation which included Dutch, English, French, Italians, Portuguese and Swedes. They had built up their military strength on islands off of North America's East Coast and further south where Florida is and formed alliances with idiotic Indian Tribes that no longer exist. Commencing after 1600, were a series of brutal wars for control of North America.

Some Wampanoag People are native to Bermuda. White historians are adamant that many Wampanoag People were forced to Bermuda to become slaves. That may be incorrect. As mentioned, whites built up their military strength on islands off North America's Coast. Ojibway leaders certainly knew where that white confederation built up their military strength. Iceland was where their most important military stations were. Next was Greenland. Bermuda was obviously another location. However, it was not of great importance because it was small. However, Ojibway leaders sent their navy (they had a navy) to Bermuda and took control of Bermuda. This may have happened in late 16th century. They could not reach Iceland.

Today, Wampanoag People have two federally recognized groups in Massachusetts. They are Aquinnah and Mashpee Wampanoag's. Aquinnah Wampanoag's have a 485 acre or 196.3 hectare Reservation located on Martha's Vineyard. They are mixed in race however. There are three other State Recognized Wampanoag People in Massachusetts. They are Herring Pond, Namasket and Pocasset Wampanoag's. Wampanoag People live on Bermuda's St. David's Island. Wampanoag People will never accept being Ojibway. They are a lost cause.

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