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Wiyot Indians

They are Algonquians. And though many will disagree, Wiyot Indians are Ojibway People that commenced a west migration about 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. Since they live in northwest California, it means they also lived in southwest Oregon. Their territory is vast and was recognized as these boundaries: In California, it commenced at Eel River's mouth near Loleta, California and follwed Eel River to Lake Pillsbury which is located in Lake County, California. On it' north, Umpqua River's mouth at Winchester Bay, Oregon was it's north boundary. It followed Umpqua River to Cow Creek (South Umpqua River) then to Glendale, Oregon. From Glendale, it followed a mountain pass to Wolf Creek, Oregon then to Sunnyside then to Pleasant Valley then to Grant's Pass, Oregon then Rogue River. It then followed Rogue River east to Upper Klamath Lake. It then extended southwest to Lake Pillsbury. I suspect per treaty agreement, a large Reservation was created for Ojibway's in northwest California in 1851. It's known as Klamath Reservation. Klamath County existed from 1851 to 1874. American's named it (this Ojibway Reservation) Klamath County, California. It is California's only County disestablished. That's for obvious reasons. Wiyot Indians live south of Yurok People who they are related to or both are a same people. Their territory has a wide variety of climate conditions. Along Pacific Oceans Coast, they barely have summers. However, their winters are mild yet rainy. It's warm enough for palm trees to grow. Further inland, summers are long and hot. Winters are mild however.

After American's won 1846-1848's Mexican-American War, they invaded California and Oregon. At first they reached California by mainly sailing. Later, they migrated overland. They had no respect for Indians and dealt with them deceitfully. That includes treaties they signed with them. On October 6, 1851, a treaty was signed that ceded land in northwest California where Yurok and Wiyot Indians live. It created a Reservation that American leaders refused to allow by sabotaging October 6, 1851's treaty. This Reservation supposedly covered near 8 townships or 288.0 sq. mi. or 184,321 acres or 746.0 sq. km. or 74,592 hectares. However, i suspect it was Klamath County, California and an area of land in extreme southern Oregon. Ojibway leaders wanted a vast Reservation from Upmqua Rivers mouth to Lake Pillsbury. Nearly all of it's land was mountainous and it may have been created for them. After Ojibway leaders in Montana found out American leaders lied, a war followed. This war is actually known by several names. Klamath and Salmon River War and Rogue River War and Bald Hills War or some of them. All conflicts were not unrelated. Ojibway's of northwest California and southwest Oregon, fought this war because of American leaders sabotaging treaties. In 1853, a treaty was signed ceding land in California and Oregon and creating Table Rock Reservation in Jackson County, Oregon. It was not abandoned. American leaders forced Ojibway People to leave Table Rock Reservation or that portion of Klamath Reservation in extreme southern Oregon, in October of 1855.

It coincides with October 17, 1855's Blackfeet Treaty or is related to that treaty. Blackfeet Reservation was created on September 17, 1851. It was one of this wars leading causes. This war lasted from 1855 to 1864. It was a long war yet saved their Reservations, except Klamath Reservation and Table Rock Reservation in Oregon. Klamath Reservation covers 1.8 million acres and was illegally eradicated or Terminated in 1954. It was created on October 14, 1864. Hoopa Valley Reservation was created on August 21, 1864. Yurok Reservation was supposedly created on November 16, 1855. That's deceitful because of 1855-1864's War. After this war ended in 1864, new treaties were signed by Ojibway leaders in Montana and American representatives. On August 21, 1864, a treaty was signed creating a new Ojibway Reservation in northwest California. It's adjacent to Yurok Reservation and named Hoopa Valley Reservation. It was a land addition to Yurok Reservation. Round Valley Reservation was created on April 8, 1864 or after Klamath River War. It is near this Ojibway Territories southern most boundary. However, it's origins goes back to 1856. Yuki People are also Ojibway, as are Wappo People. Yuki People fought in 1855-1864's War. Round Valley Reservation was created for them. Wiyot Indians have several Rancherias and Reservations around Eureka, California. They include Big Lagoon, Blue Lake, Rohnerville, Table Bluff and Trinidad. They also live at California's Yurok and Hoopa Valley Reservation.

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