Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Yuki Indians

Through linguistics proof, the people in northwestern California known as the Yuki, are obviously Algonquin. The Wappo are closely related to the Yuki Tribe of California. After the Chippewa's became aware of the Seven Fires Prophecy, they eventually migrated towards the west. This happened long before the whites invaded the America's. Many settled in the north of California where they subjugated the non Algonquin Tribes of northern California. The Chippewa's mixed their culture and language with that of the non Algonquin Tribes they subjugated. Thus, the reason for the language relationship. Click here to see a list of Algonquian speaking Tribes. Included are the Yuki including the Wappo. Supposedly the Wappo and Yuki speak Penutian languages. If that's true, it means all Penutian people are mixed Algonquin and non Algonquin. The California city of Ukiah, is named after the Yuki Indians. Today, the Yuki Indians live at the Round Valley Reservation in Mendocino County, California. Their territory extended as far south as Sonoma County, California which is very near San Francisco Bay. To the north, the Yuki Territory extended to what is now the Round Valley Indian Reservation. Around them are the Algonquin Wiyot and Yurok and the Algonquin Athabascan People or Dene People, of northwestern California.

In the 1850s, the Yuki and Wappo fought the white invaders using primitive weapons. They suffered much higher casualties than the whites because of the disadvantage in weapons. In the early 20th century, the government of the United States had no choice but to negotiate with these Chippewa People. They had raised money up and purchased land throughout northern California. The United States did the right thing and recognized these small land holdings of the California Chippewa's and protected them by assigning their land holdings as Rancherias. They even purchased land for the Indians to increase their land holdings. However, when the Chippewa's Hill 57 Colony or Rancheria adjacent to Great Falls, Montana, was Terminated on August 18, 1950, it signaled an end of cooperation. On August 18, 1958, the United States passed the California Indian Rancheria Act. It Terminated 41 California Indian Rancherias. Yuki People lived on almost all California Indian Rancherias in northern California. They continue to do so now. Their population is not correctly known.

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