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If you have a fast internet connection, the download should not take long. However, if you have a slow internet connection, be patient because it may take a few minutes for the download to complete. After the download completes you can bookmark the book, or you can save it to your "My Documents" folder on your computer. If you can (some browsers won't allow you to save the book after it downloads) save it to your computer. Remember the name of the file if you click on the file button on top of your browser after you download it, and select "save as" (if you can save it that is) is "ACM." If that does not work out, you can also right click on the link below and select "save target as." A box will appear with the name of the file and the save button. Choose either "My Documents" folder, or some other folder, to save the book to. To understand my book you need to read William W. Warrens 19th century book "History of the Ojibway People" and the Story of Atlantis. Click here to read the short Story of Atlantis. Publishamerica discontinued my book. I got robbed by publishamerica and I used to promote my book online and quickly got their message. They were not going to conduct themselves in a lawful manner. The whites are conspiring to rob Native Americans of everything including their great history. I contacted Native American owned newspapers about my book and they all refused to write a review about my book.

The Algonquian Conquest of the Mediterranean Region of 11,500 Years Ago