Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Ashland and St. Labre Indian School

This Ojibway settlement is located at the east end of Northern Cheyenne Reservation. It covers an area of land from 7.6 sq. mi. to 20.7 sq. mi. There are several distinct communities which make up Ashland including one off-Reservation, adjacent to the Reservation's eastern border. This page details Ashland where St. Labre Indian School is located. Latest school enrollment is 510. St. Labre is an Indian high school that was founded in 1884. There appears to be an Ojibway Round House adjacent to this communities housing units. However, it could be a structure used for pow wows. There are probably over 100 housing units located in this community. This community obviously has a large non Indian population. There is also St. Labre Mission Airport within this community. I don't know what the total population is. It could be close to 600.

Ashland-St. Labre Indian School Photograph From Above

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