Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Bad Boy Lake, Minnesota

It is located in Becker County, Minnesota, about two miles east of White Earth and about two football fields north of Bad Boy Lake. Bad Boy Lake (Ma-ji Na-bes Ga-miiz in Anishinabe), is within Maple Grove Township, which has a population of 455 according to 2010 census. Native Americans make up 257 of Maple Grove townships population of 455. Including Mexicans and mixed bloods, it is 319. Whites number 142 but 197 when including mixed bloods. Bad Boy Lake has around 16 or 17 housing units and a population of possibly between 30 & 50. Most housing units are located along County Highway 34, while others are located along John Sullivan Road. I'm not certain if all housing units are located on Indian owned land yet thought i would include it. There are 393 total housing units (most are for vacationers or for resorts), with 175 permanent housing units scattered across Maple Grove Township, which gives it a 2.7 per person housing unit size which is below normal for Chippewa settlements. Maple Grove Township has 218 vacant housing units. Most whites live along shores of Strawberry Lake and White Earth Lake. Below are several links to photographs of Bad Boy Lake, Minnesota and links to other communities of White Earth Reservation.

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

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