Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Baker Lake & History

This mixed Anishinabe-Athabasacan-Inuit band or community, is situated to the west of hudson bay. Their community lies next to the large freshwater lake which is known as baker lake. The large lake has a dramatic effect on the climate of the land surrounding the huge lake. The region is known for its gusty winds and cool summers and very cold winters. Their tribal history may have involved either war with the powerful Anishinabek or an alliance with them. This inuit community has a population of 1,365, and is located in Nunavut. For some reason the inuit people of nunavut use the Anishinabe syllabic writing system, which probably indicates a close relationship with the powerful Anishinabek in the past, and a large Anishinabe population in nunavut.

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