Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Brochet, Manitoba

This Ojibway or Chipewyan (Chipewyan is pronounced the same as Chippewa excepting that a "wan" is added to the last syllable sound in Chippewa which is "wan" of course, which sounds like Chip-pe-wan) settlement of Brochet, Manitoba which is about 50 miles or 80 kilometers south of Lac Brochet, Manitoba, and 55 miles or 88 kilometers east of Lac la Hache, Saskatchewan, has a population of 383 according to 2016's census. There is a total of around 99 housing units with 87 lived in year round. Since the community is extremely isolated, it is very likely the average household size for Brochet is twice as great as 4.2 person per household reported in 2016's census. Around 75 people speak the Cree Dialect of the Ojibway Language at Brochet. Ojibway's who live at Brochet are Reindeer Lake Ojibway's. They signed an adhesion to treaty 5 in either 1919 or 1910. Many of the settlements citizens still rely on fishing, hunting, and trapping for a subsistence. Below is a google earth satellite image of Brochet.

Brochet Full Photograph From Above

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