Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana


It is one of many communities which make up the Black Hills Indian Reservation. It is 2.6 miles east of Mt. Laguna. According to census stats from 2000, no one lives at Cuyapaipe. However, using google earth, you can see a few housing units. All appear to be moblie homes except the largest one which i have no idea what kind of building it is. The location could be a campground. The 6 housing units are, as mentioned, moble homes. If this is an actual settlement, the population is probably between 10 and 20. If it ain't, it is important for Cuyapaipe leaders to commence colonizing the location. The elevation is 5,070 feet above sea level. It obviously snows there in the winter. Below are several google earth photos of Cuyapaipe.

Cuyapaipe Full Photograph From Above

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

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