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East Bad River, Bad River Reservation

Located in far northern Wisconsin on the eastern border of the Bad River Reservation and about two and a half miles southeast of bad river, the Chippewa CDP (census designated place) of east bad river (it may go by the name of Birch Hill or Frank's Field- i'm just naming the settlement after the name of the Reservation) has a population of anywhere between 250 and 350. Using google earth i counted around 86 housing units in the town of east bad river. It is not unusual for Native American settlements to have household sizes that average between a 3.0 to 4.0 persons per housing unit, so the town of East Bad River may have a population close to 350. There are 1,411 Native Americans living on the Bad River Reservation. Though i'm not certain if the town is predominantly Indian, i will for the sake of the Reservation, assume that Native Americans make up around 90% of the settlement's population. The remaining population is white. Elevation of the settlement is 1,080 feet above sea level. Below are several links to pictures of the town of East Bad River, Wisconsin.

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East Bad River Full Photograph From Above

Northern Portion of East Bad River Photograph From Above

Southern Portion of East Bad River Photograph From Above

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