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East Belcourt, Turtle Mountain Reservation

Located about one mile due east of Belcourt, east belcourt is obviously a growing settlement which is surrounded by small lakes and patchy spots of woods. There are two locations where the majority of the 160 or so housing units are located. The largest which is about an half a mile due north of the smaller location, has around 80 housing units. The smaller has around 40 to 45 housing units. The remaining housing units are scattered to the north and east of the largest part of East Belcourt, and to the east and to a degree, south of the smaller location of East Belcourt. East Belcourt may have a population of between 500 and 600 people. It depends on the average household size. It is reasonable to claim that the average household size for east belcourt, is around 3.5 per housing unit. The population is probably around 90% to 95% Native American, while the rest are non Indian. Below are several maps (photographs) of the settlement.

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Full Photograph

Close Up Photograph of the Larger Part of East Belcourt

Close Up Photograph of the Smaller Part of East Belcourt

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