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East Dunseith, North Dakota

Don't get this settlement confused with East Dunseith Homesite which is about one mile east of Dunseith. East Dunseith is located about two miles north of St. Mary's Homesite and almost four miles north of Dunseith and East Dunseith Homesite. The small settlement has 134 housing units with an average household size of 3.7 persons per household. The population is 500 according to 2010's census. It's a CDP which covers 5.2 sq. mi. The elevation is 2,073 feet above sea level. The settlement is surrounded by a forest and many lakes. It is especially beautiful in the spring, summer, and autumn. East Dunseith is located on the Turtle Mountain Plateau. Below is a google earth picture of this settlement.

East Dunseith From Above

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