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East Jack Haw Lake, White Earth Reservation

It is east of Jack Haw Lake within Maple Grove Township. Housing units are located along Reservation Highway 23 or 336th Ave. Big Rat Lake or in Ojibway Wa-bi-ga-no-ji Ga-mi-chi, is located adjacent to Reservation Highway 23 on it's east. South Strawberry Lake is less than 2 miles south down Reservation Highway 23. Wa-bi-ga-no-ji Ga-mi-chi has about 6 housing units. Four are mobile homes. Population is probably between 12 and 20. Elevation is 1,535 feet above sea level. Leaders of White Earth Reservation must construct new housing units at Big Rat Lake or Wa-bi-ga-no-ji Ga-mi-chi. Further north along 337th Ave, is a location where old cars and mobile homes wait. It's located almost adjacent to Little Rat Lake or Wa-bi-ga-no-ji Ga-miiz northeastern shores. It's a good location to establish another Ojibway village. Below is a link to a google earth satellite image of East Jack Haw Lake, White Earth Reservation and links to other White Earth Reservation communities.

Photo of Jack Haw Lake From Above

White Earth Reservation


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