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East Mission Lake, Minnesota

It is located about four miles north of Cass Lake. This settlement is located very near Mission Lakes eastern shores. Since this settlement is not a cdp, city, town, or village i thought i name it after that lake it is situated just east of. It is located within Ten Lake Township which has a population of 1,026 according to a 2010 census. Indians make up 62% of it's population but 64% when including Mexicans and mixed bloods. It is made up of two clusters of housing units. It has an elevation of 1,345 feet above sea level. There are about 30 housing units in this settlement. Around 8 are mobile homes. I don't know it's average household size but Chippewa settlements tend to have average household sizes higher than that of whites. Population of East Mission Lake or East Mission Lake or Wa-baan I-nen Ga-miiz (i will not use a Christian Mission as this settlements name - inen is an Ojibway word for purpose), is likely between 60 and 100. Below are links to other Leech Lake Reservation communities.

Leech Lake Reservation


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