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East Sigganock, Isabella Reservation

Located on the Chippewa Isabella Reservation in central Michigan, is the Chippewa settlement of East Sigganock, which is another pronunciation of Saginaw. In the 1850s, the United States set aside six townships (138,240 acres) for the Black River and Swan Creek Chippewa's (they are the Indians who left on the Trail of Tears in 1838-1839 - no Cherokee went on the Trail of Tears), who were suppose to assimilate into white society but refused. Over the years and principly as a result of the illicit 1887 Dawes Act, the Isabella Reservation is only a fraction of its former size. I am not certain if the settlement of sigganock is in fact a Chippewa settlement. However, the Chippewa's and mixed bloods, make up 18% of Chippewa Townships population, or over 900 people. There are only two locations in Chippewa Township where there exists areas that resemble cities and towns, or where a large number of people live in a small area. There are over 100 trailers and other housing units in that small area in eastern Chippewa Township. Chippewa Township covers over 23,000 acres, and is mostly covered by a dense forest. It is not agriculture land. Chippewa Township is one of the six townships the United States set aside for the Saginaw Chippewa's. Below are links to pictures of the township and the east sigganock settlement area.

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Full Chippewa Township Photograph From Above

East Sigganock Photograph From Above

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