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East Wanblee, Pine Ridge Reservation

It is another of the Pine Ridge settlements. East Wanblee is located about 5 miles east of the Pine Ridge Settlement of Wanblee. It is in Jackson County. The settlement is spread out over several square miles and has up to 35 housing units. There is one location where most of the housing units (over 20 of them) are situated. With the average household size for Pine Ridge Reservation settlements tending to be near 4.0 persons per housing unit (it is probably twice that), the population of East Wanblee should be near 140 but could be as high as 280. The elevation of East Wanblee is 2,745 feet above sea level. Zip code is probably the zip code for Wanblee which is 57577. Below are several links to photographs of the Anishinabe-Dakota settlement of East Wanblee, Pine Ridge Reservation.

East Wanblee Full Photograph From Above

Photograph From Above

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

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