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Fort Chipewyan

This Anishinabe settlement is located in far northeastern Alberta, just south and east of Wood Buffalo Park National Park, and about 80 miles or 128 kilometers south of the Northwest Territories, and 147 miles or 236 kilometers to the southwest of Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan. Fort Chipewyan is having problems with white mining companies who, to a great many of the Indian and non Indian citizens of Fort Chipewyan, are deliberately killing them. It is over the oil sands reserves south of that region. It is not only ruining the lives of the Indians and few non Indians living in Fort Chipewyan, it is also ruining the lives of the animals and fish of that region. The contamination is causing great harm to both humans and animals. According to reports from that region of Alberta, it is common to see fish with deformities, as well as animals to. Unfortunately, the animals and fish are not safe to eat. Worse yet, the water is a hazard to drink.

There is a total of close to 265 housing units in Fort Chipewyan. Since the settlement is located in an isolated region, the average household size is probably much higher than claimed. An average household size of 8.0 or higher is realistic for Fort Chipewyan. According to the 2006 census, the population of Fort Chipewyan was around 1,007. However, the correct population of the settlement is very likely higher than 2,000. There is no year round road access to the isolated community. Winter roads and planes keep the community in touch with other settlements. Below is a link to a map of the Akaitcho Nation settlement of Fort Chipewyan.

Map of Fort Chipewyan

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