Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Fort Kipp, Montana

It is a settlement located in the far eastern area of the Fort Peck Reservation. Finding out information about this Fort Peck Reservation community is near impossible. It is a settlement. Using google earth you can clearly see it has the appearance of a small town. A google earth picture of Fort Kipp is below. However, Fort Kipp is not organized, or it is not listed as a cdp, city, town, or village. Fort Kipp, Montana has around 40 housing units. I would estimate the population of Fort Kipp, Montana to be between 120 and 160. That's if it is a predominantly Indian settlement which it probably is. I don't know what the settlements demographics are. Elevation is 1,990 feet above sea level. Below is a picture of Fort Kipp, Montana.

Fort Kipp Full Photograph From Above

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