Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Gray Wolf, Montana

This very rural settlement is located very near Arlee. About 3.4 miles southeast of Arlee and 1 mile southeast of Blackhawk. This location is located on Indian Trust Land. Twenty years ago there were housing units located in Gray Wolf area which is located primarily along Agency Road and Gray Wolf Drive. Today, there are a few more housing units in this location i have named after Gray Wolf Drive. Probably close to 20. It's a good location to build an Indian settlement. There may be 50 to 70 people living there. I don't know what it's demographics are. Below are a couple of google earth satellite photos (from 24 years ago and 2013) of Gray Wolf, Montana.

Gray Wolf 24 year old Photograph From Above

Gray Wolf 2013 old Photograph From Above

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