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Hays, Fort Belknap Reservation

Located in the extreme southern part of Fort Belknap Reservation, the Chippewa CDP (census designated place) of Hays, has a population of 702. The settlement is located next to the Little Rocky Mountains, which gives the settlement beautiful scenery. The Anishinabe-Dakota cdp of Hays, is a widely scattered settlement that overs 13.0 sq. mi. The largest area of Hays is to the northeast of the main portion of the settlement which be central Hays. There are probably over 60 housing units in North Hays and the settlements school. The tree line of the Little Rocky Mountains border north Hays. Central Hays, which is about a half a mile due southeast of north Hays, has around 60 housing units and what appears to be a water treatment plant located just to the north. South Hays has around 50 to 55 housing units and is less than two blocks from the tree line of the Little Rocky Mountains. The rest of the community's 207 housing units, are spread across the 13.0 sq. mi. the CDP covers. Average household size is 3.5. Elevation is 3,533 feet above sea level. Zip code is 59527. Many of the settlements citizens are not doing well financially. Around 50% live under the poverty line. The settlement of Hays is far from the government seat of the Fort Belknap Reservation. Below are several pictures of Hays, Montana.

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Hays Full Photograph From Above

Hays Central Photograph From Above

Hays North Photograph From Above

Hays South Photograph From Above

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