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Ideal, Rosebud Reservation

It is the only Rosebud settlement located in Tripp County, South Dakota. The settlement of Ideal is situated along a road surrounded by numerous farms. There are at least 22 housing units located along the road. If the average household size for Rosebud-Pine Ridge Reservation settlements holds the same for Ideal, the population of the Rosebud-Pine Ridge settlement of Ideal, may be as high as 160. Most likely since it is located quite far (15 miles) from the present Rosebud-Pine Ridge Reservation, the population of Ideal is more closer to 80 than 160. The elevation of Ideal is 1,875 feet above sea level. Below are a couple of links to photographs of the Anishinabe-Dakota settlement of Ideal, Rosebud-Pine Ridge Reservation.

Ideal Full Photograph From Above

Photograph From Above

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