Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Johnstown, Wind River Reservation

It is a cdp (census designated place) with a population of 242 according to the 2010 census. Johnstown covers 32.1 sq. mi. The cdp is widely scattered and really does not have one single location where a large number of housing units are located. It has 95 housing units. One location does have around 20 housing units. Many are manufactured homes or mobile homes. That is probably where a majority of the Indians live in any part of the 32.1 sq. mi., that Johnstown covers. That part of Johnstown may have a population of near 80. Most of the other housing units are located along the Reservation side of Highway 26 and in the area immediately south of the same said highway where a large number of farms are located. That is where most of the whites live.

It is 7 miles directly northeast of Ethete. The cdp is predominantly Anishinabe. Native Americans including mixed bloods and Hispanics, make up 60% of the cdp's population, while the whites make up 39% of the population of Johnstown. The reason for the large white population is the close proximity of the land stolen from the Anishinabek and Utes Wind River Reservation, over 100 years ago. Johnstown actually borders the area where the Wind River Reservation land was stolen. Kinnear, Wyoming is actually located in the cdp.

Elevation is 5,259 feet above sea level. Zip code is 82516. The citizens of this cdp are doing better economically than some Indian settlements located on the Wind River Reservation. Around 17% of the population lives below the poverty line. The close proximity to the land which was stolen from the Wind River Reservation is why Johnstown has fewer people living under the poverty line. However, the further one goes away from the area stolen from the Wind River Reservation, we know the higher the number of people are living under the poverty line. Below are several links to photographs of the Anishinabe-Ute cdp of Johnstown, Wind River Reservation. They are centered on the area where around 20 or so housing units are located.

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Johnstown Full Photograph From Above

Johnstown Photograph From Above

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

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