Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Little Rock, Red Lake Reservation

Located just west (by about 3 miles) of the community of Red Lake, the Chippewa CDP (census designated place) of Little Rock, has a population of 1,208 according to the 2010 census. The settlement is 98% Indian. In the community are 298 housing units, which gives the average household size there, just about a 3.5 persons per housing unit. Around 31% of the community's citizens live below the poverty line. Since the community is near the seat of goverment for the Red Lake Nation, many of the citizens are doing well financially. Many of the homes there are located deep in the woods, or surrounded by the woods. Many of the homes are located alongside Highway Minnesota 1. The CDP covers 13.0 sq. mi. Elevation is 1,218 feet above sea level. Many of the community's citizens work at Red Lake. It is a beautiful location. Below are several links to pictures of Little Rock, Minnesota.

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Little Rock Full Photograph From Above

Little Rock Photograph From Above

Little Rock Photograph From Above

Little Rock Photograph From Above

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