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Located in the extreme southern part of Fort Belknap Reservation, the Chippewa CDP (census designated place) of Lodge Pole, has a population of 214. The settlement is located either in the Little Rocky Mountains or next to the Little Rocky Mountains. Those mountains gives the settlement beautiful scenery. The Anishinabe-Dakota cdp of Lodge Pole, is a widely scattered settlement that overs 13.4 sq. mi. The largest area of Lodge Pole, is south Lodge Pole which has between 35 and 40 housing units. Central Lodge Pole is the main part of the settlement. It has between 25 and 30 housing units. South Lodge Pole has around 20 or so housing units and what appears to be a water treatment plant to the north. There are several other housing units scattered across the 13.4 sq. mi. Lodge Pole covers. At last count Lodge Pole supposedly had 69 housing units. However, i can tell by using google earth that there are at least 80 or more housing units now at Lodge Pole. Elevation is 3,409 feet above sea level. Zip code is 59524. Average housing unit size is 3.0 per household. That could mean Lodge Pole now has a population of close to 250. Below are several links to pictures of Lodge Pole, Montana.

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Lodge Pole Full Photograph From Above

Central Lodge Pole Photograph From Above

North Lodge Pole Photograph From Above

South Lodge Pole Photograph From Above

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

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