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Long Valley, Pine Ridge Reservation

It is another Pine Ridge settlement. It is located in Jackson County and within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation. It is more of a rural settlement which is populated by mainly cattle ranchers. It has up to 20 or more housing units in the small location i have included. Since the settlement is almost entirely made up of cattle ranchers, the population is probably not more than 40 to 60. Long Valley actually has its own zip code which is 57547. The zip code area 57547 covers 214 sq. mi. The population of the zip code area is one that is very uneasy to deal with. Reason being it covers 214 sq. mi., and may extend off the Reservation. What i know about the Native American population of zip code area 57547, can help. The google earth photograph below only covers a few sq. mi., if even that. And it is within the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Native American population is 59. The elevation is 2,667 feet above sea level.

Long Valley Full Photograph From Above

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

Road Close Up

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