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Maple Grove Township, Minnesota

It is located in Becker County, Minnesota and in White Earth Reservations southern part. Maple Grove Township has a population of 455 according to 2010 census. Indians make up 56% of it's population but 69% when including Mexicans and mixed bloods. Most of Strawberry Lake is located within this township. All of White Earth Lake is in Maple Grove Township. Maple Grove Township covers 37.0 sq. mi. Nearly all land between Strawberry Lake west to Birch Lake, up to Bad Boy Lake, Net Lake, Bass Lake, Little Bass Lake, and Black Earth Lake, down to Chain Lake, then back to Stawberry Lake, is an undeveloped land. Whites have been allowed to settle along shores of Strawberry Lake, White Earth Lake and Net Lake. Most may live along White Earth Lakes shores. Many live along Stawberry Lakes western and southern shores. However, many housing units are used by vacationers. Indian settlements may be located at Jack Haw Lake, eastern and southeastern shores of Strawberry Lake along Reservation Highway 23, near Net Lakes southeastern shores along Reservation Highway 20, and probably near Bad Boy Lake along Highway 34 and John Sullivan Road. Another small Ojibway settlement may be located along White Earth Lakes northwestern shores, along 295th Ave. Principle road going east to west in that area, is Cherry Lake Road. Using google earth you can see many areas where lakes have recently dried up. And there are many of them. It is one of White Earth Reservations most important locations. We must worry about that land area because it is not protected. It is almost entirely a wilderness. And since we know it is undeveloped, it means that land area was never sold to any non Indians. It must be protected and allowed to be exploited by Indian citizens of White Earth Reservation. Below is a link to a photograph of Maple Grove Township, White Earth Reservation and links to other White Earth Reservation communities.

Maple Grove (Net Lake) Full Photograph From Above

White Earth Reservation


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