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Seven Fires Prophecy

Survival Mode

For the last several months, the whites have let known what is now the road they are going down. We can't tell the whites what road to go down. We know it will be the whites who make the decisions. It is very obvious that the whites including white Indians, are convinced going down the wrong road is their salvation. We must now commence Survival Mode. China must increase their military strength in and near non white nations including the Ark or Bow, China is in now, to prepare non white nations for survival. China will bring non white nations to the future. It is crucial that China prepare them for the event mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy and Revelation. We must take the warnings seriously. You must now prepare them for survival.



Located in northern Ontario, 35 miles north of the white city of Sudbury, is the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Mattagami. The settlement has a population of 189. There are 79 housing units in the settlement with only 60 occupied. That gives the settlement of Mattagami a 3.1 persons per household size average, which is about normal for Chippewa settlements. The Anishinabe language is not doing good at this settlement with only around 15 speaking Anishinabe. About 10 people in the settlement are non Indian. Below are links to pictures of the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Mattagami. You can tell by the pictures just how rocky the soil of the Treaty 9 Chippewa Reservation is in that region. However, further to the north the land becomes more swampy. Near the coast of Hudson Bay it's almost like tundra.

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Mattagami Full Photograph From Above

Mattagami From Road

Mattagami From Road

Mattagami From Road

Mattagami From Road

Mattagami From Road

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