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North Portage, Minnesota

It is located 3.5 miles southwest of Cass Lake. Moss Lake is over a half a mile to it's southwest. North Portage or Gi-we-din On, is located within Wilkinson Township which has a population of 401 according to a 2010 census. Over half of Wilkinson Townships population is Indian. There are between 25 and 30 housing units located along 144th St. NW, 65th Ave NW, and 148th St. NW. Most of it's housing units are mobile homes. Population is probably between 60 and 90. Elevation is 1,375 feet above sea level. Below is a google earth satellite image of North Portage, Minnesota and links to other Leech Lake Reservation communities.

North Portage Photograph From Above

Leech Lake Reservation


Agency Bay
Ball Club
Big Lake
Black Duck
Boy Lake
Breezy Point
Cass Lake
Cass River
Drewery Lake
East Ball Club
East Little Wolf
East Mission Lake
Flora Lake
Jackson Village
Kego Lake
Lake Little Moss
Lake Little Turtle
Lake Little Wolf
Lost Lake
Luck Lake
Mission Lake
Moss Lake
North Cass Lake
North Little Wolf
North Portage
Oak Point
Ryan Village
South Cass Lake
South Mission
Squaw Lake
Sugar Maple
Sugar Point
Town Lake
Turtle River
West Ball Club
Win-nie Dam
Wood Acres

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