Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

North White Earth Lake, White Earth Reservation

Located on the Chippewa White Earth Reservation's southern section, the small settlement of North White Earth Lake, is situated along the entire north shore of white earth lake. In the Chippewa dialect of the Anishinabe language, they probably (i'm not certain) would refer to this settlement as Gi-way-din Wa-bish-ki Ah-ki Za-ga-i-gan, which means North White Earth Lake of course. Using google earth, i can count what appears to be around 25 or so housing units in the north white earth lake settlement. Since i am not certain the entire settlement is an entire permanent settlement (a part could be an rv park), i will be cautious about the population estimate. Most of the people living there are probably Native American (that part of the Reservation is predominantly Native American), with a smaller non Indian population. The total population may be between 40 and 100. Chippewa settlements tend to have household size averages of between 3.0 and 4.0 persons per household. Below are several links to pictures of the beautiful Chippewa settlement of North White Earth Lake, Minnesota.

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East White Earth Lake Full Photograph

East White Earth Lake Photograph

East White Earth Lake Photograph

East White Earth Lake Photograph

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