Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Norway House

Located in northeastern Manitoba and historically known to have connections to the Ojibwa's of northwestern Ontario, the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Norway House has a population of between 5,000 and 6,000. It is not connected to the highway which leads to southern Manitoba which most will tell you it is. There is a ferry which is used to cross what may be the Nelson River. When the whites invaded southern Manitoba during the War of 1812, they used the Nelson River to reach Lake Winnipeg. From there they invaded southern Manitoba but were stopped. Since Norway House has no year round road access, it's population is quite large. The population of Cross Lake is going to eventually decline as a result of year round road access to southern Manitoba. The same will happen at Norway House if a bridge is built to connect the large settlement to southern Manitoba by highway. The community has ? housing units and an average household size of ? persons per housing unit. Around ? continue to speak Anishinabe at Norway House or Ki-no-sao (Gi-no) Si-pi. In Anishinabe, Gi-no Si-pi means Fish River. It may sound like Ga-no Sipi. Below is a link to a picture of the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Norway House or Gi-no Si-pi.

Photo of Norway House

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