Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Oswego, Montana

It is a settlement located in the western area of the Fort Peck Reservation. Finding out information about this Fort Peck Reservation community is not easy. In 1972 a prairie fire destroyed much of Oswego. The population of the settlement at the time was around 75. Not all of the residents left. About 40 returned and rebuilt. The settlement of Oswego was commenced in the 1890s when the Fort Peck Reservation was entirely Indian. Oswego is probably a Chippewa word and not Iroquois. I have included this settlement knowing that it is probably predominantly white. However, since i don't know about this settlements demographics, i could be wrong. The settlement of Oswego has around 25 housing units. The population is probably between 50 and 75. Elevation is 2,030 feet above sea level. Wolf Point is 10 miles to the east. Frazer is 7.5 miles to the west. Below is a picture of Oswego, Montana.

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Oswego Full Photograph From Above

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