Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Salish Homesite, Montana

It is located almost adjacent to St. Ignatius, just south of Mission Creek. Only the western third of Salish Homesite is not a part of the city of St. Ignatius. Supposedly the city of St. Ignatius covers 0.56 sq. mi. Salish Homesite alone covers 0.33 sq. mi. When including the area between Airport Road, North Main Avenue, St. Mary Drive, to St. Mary's Lake Road, to 3rd Avenue, St. Ignatius covers about 0.66 sq. mi. However, Project Drive and Home Addition Streets are included under St. Ignatius. And the area just west of North Main Drive is also a part of St. Ignatius. Flathead Reservation leaders know more about Salish Homesite. I thought i would include Salish Homesite. The housing units may number near 120. However, only those east of Saxa Drive northeast to Mission Drive, actually make up the population of Salish Homesite. There may be more than 70 housing units east of Saxa Drive. I found this location using the Flathead Reservation Transportation Plan (2007-2017) web page or pdf file. A BIA Homesite is an area of Reservation land where housing units are allowed to be built. In some cases they are built for non whites for recreational use. The population of Salish Homesite east of Saxa Drive, is probably between 170 and 225. Flathead Reservation leaders will add land to Salish Homesite so more housing units will be constructed. Funding is a primary concern. The elevation of this settlement is 2,915 feet above sea level. Below is a google earth picture of Salish Homesite, Flathead Reservation.

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Salish Homesite From Above

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