Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Apocalypse

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Sugar Point, Minnesota

Located in Leech Lake Reservations south, is Sugar Point. Using google earth, i counted what appears to be 70 or more housing units in this small LLR community, located on Leech Lakes eastern shores. Since Chippewa average household sizes tend to be between 3.5 and 5.0 persons per housing unit, Sugar Point or in Ojibway Sir Neh, may have a population between 140 and 210. You'll notice when looking at photos provided by links below, that this community is separated in two divisions. One is on Leech Lakes eastern shores, while that other, only a short distance away, is situated on Leech Lakes third peninsula, which starts to protrude northeastwards. Native Americans probably make up a majority of it's population. Below are several links to google earth satellite images of Sugar Point, Minnesota and links to other Leech Lake Reservation communities.

Sugar Point Full Photograph From Above

Sugar Point Photograph From Above

Sugar Point Photograph From Above

Sugar Point Photograph From Above

Sugar Point Photograph From Above

Leech Lake Reservation


Agency Bay
Ball Club
Big Lake
Black Duck
Boy Lake
Breezy Point
Cass Lake
Cass River
Drewery Lake
East Ball Club
East Little Wolf
East Mission Lake
Flora Lake
Jackson Village
Kego Lake
Lake Little Moss
Lake Little Turtle
Lake Little Wolf
Lost Lake
Luck Lake
Mission Lake
Moss Lake
North Cass Lake
North Little Wolf
North Portage
Oak Point
Ryan Village
South Cass Lake
South Mission
Squaw Lake
Sugar Maple
Sugar Point
Town Lake
Turtle River
West Ball Club
Win-nie Dam
Wood Acres

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