Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Tadoule Lake, Sayisi First Nation

This Anishinabe-Chipewyan settlement is located in far northern Manitoba, about 108 miles or 173 kilometers east of Lac Brochet, Manitoba, and 154 miles or 247 kilometers west of Churchill, Manitoba, and 89 miles or 143 kilometers south of Nunavut. Chipewyan is pronounced the same as Chippewa excepting that a "yan" is added to the last syllable sound in Chippewa which is "yan" of course, which sounds like Chip-pe-wa-yan. Pronouncing Chipewyan is very simple. Chip-pe-wa-yan. There are about 120 housing units in Tadoule Lake which is also known as Sayisi Dene. Since the settlement is an extremely isolated settlement, the average household size is probably much higher than claimed. An average household size for Tadoule Lake of 8.0 persons per housing unit or higher, is realistic. In the 2006 census, the population of Tadoule Lake was reportedly 330. However, if the settlements average household size is 8.0 persons per housing unit or higher, the population of Tadoule Lake is near 1,000. There are no year round roads leading to Tadoule Lake. I can't provide photographs of the settlement because of google earths blurred photos of Tadoule Lake.

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