Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Timberlane, Flathead Reservation

This settlement appears to be a rather new one. It is located near 2 miles to the east of Ronan which is a predominantly white settlement. I'm not certain about this settlement. I'm not certain if it is a resort or an actual settlement. It is surrounded by a forest. Usually when a settlement is surrounded by a forest on Reservations, it indicates the settlement to be Indian, or in some cases, resorts for vacationers. There are no businesses in the community. Using google earth i counted about 45 housing units in Timberlane. Nearly all are houses. Though i don't know anything about this settlement and it's demographics, i thought i would include it. If it is a permanent settlement the population may be between 150 and 200. The elevation is 3,145 feet above sea level. If you know about this settlement please let me know by sending an email. Below is a picture of Timberlane, Flathead Reservation.

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Timberlane Full Photograph From Above

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