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It is another Pine Ridge Reservation settlement. It is located in Bennett County and some 12 miles east of Martin. Tuthill has one location where a majority of the housing units are located. Around 15 or so housing units are located there. It is spread out over several square miles and surrounded by farms, most of which are probably owned by whites. It is classified by its zip code which is 57574. The area covered by the zip code is 204 sq. mi., and much larger than the settlement of Tuthill which may have a population of anywhere from 30 to 40. The total population of the area covered by zip code 57574 is 167. Whites accounted for 126 of the total population of zip code area 57574 which is 167. Native Americans accounted for over 30 of the zip code areas population. Most of the citizens of the settlement of Tuthill are probably Native American. Pine Ridge Reservation settlements tend to have household average sizes of 4.0 persons per housing unit (it may be twice as high). The population of Tuthill may be near 60 or higher but since many whites live around the region, it is likely closer to 30 to 40. Though i don't know the exact demographics of the settlement of Tuthill (not the entire zip code area) i thought it important to include this obvious settlement. The elevation for Tuthill is 3,007 feet above sea level. Below is one link to a google earth photograph of the Anishinabe-Dakota settlement of Tuthill, Pine Ridge Reservation.

Tuthill Full Photograph From Above

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