Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Twin Lakes Drive, Fond du Lac Reservation

I'm not certain if this region of the Fond du Lac Reservation is predominantly Indian. I thought i would include it because it is obviously a cdp rather than a city, town or village. However, it does have somewhat of an appearance of a small town with 2 streets where the settlements housing units are located. There is one area which makes up Twin Lakes Drive which is the name of one of the streets in the settlement. It has about 15 housing units. I have no idea what the demographics are. However, whites make up most of the Reservations population. Since this housing unit area is only a mile from Brookston and an area where numerous farms are, the population may be predominantly white. The population is probably between 40 and 60. Below is a link to a picture of Twin Lakes Drive, Fond du Lac Reservation.

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Twin Lakes Drive Full Photograph From Above

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