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White Horse, Cheyenne River-Standing Rock Reservation

It is one of 12 settlements in the Cheyenne River District. White Horse had a population of 180 according to the 2000 census. Native Americans accounted for 98% of the population of the CDP or census designated place of White Horse, South Dakota. Whites accounted for 1% of the population. There is a total of 39 housing units in the cdp, which gives the cdp an average household size of around 4.5 persons per housing unit. Economically, the citizens of the cdp are doing not so well. Around 41% of the cdp's citizens live below the poverty line. White Horse covers an area of 3.2 sq. mi., which means it is spread out. Below are several links to phtographs of the Anishinabe-Dakota cdp White Horse, Cheyenne River-Standing Rock Reservation.

White Horse Full Photograph From Above

Photograph From Above

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