Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Wind River, Wind River Reservation

This settlement is located on the Wind River Reservation of Wyoming, just south of Fort Washakie, is predominantly Ute. The settlement of Wind River covers a large area which is probably close to 10 to 15 sq. mi. Its population may be included with that of Fort Washakie to the north. Using google earth i counted close to 100 housing units, many of which are mobile homes. The population of Wind River may be between 400 and 800. The settlement of Wind River is probably like that of neighboring Fort Washakie and over 90% Native American. Economically, the citizens of Wind River are probably doing poorly. Elevation is 5,600 feet above sea level. Below are several links to photographs of the Anishinabe-Ute settlement of Wind River, Wind River Reservation.

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Wind River Photograph From Above

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

Road Closeup Photograph

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